In Granada . . . instead of lunch: Manuel de Falla’s House


As we are spending a short afternoon in Granada (and that, most fittingly, at the Alhambra), the only free time in the city is that allotted for lunch. So, if you are feeling adventurous and want to skip lunch and see something else, one of my recommendations would be a visit to Spanish composer Manuel de Falla’s house, which is located (very conveniently) just a five minute walk from the entrance to the Alhambra. A visit followed by a snack at the Palace Hotel (2 minutes away) would be very pleasant.

The tiny house with its sweet little courtyard and small garden, is preserved as the composer left it when he fled Spain in fear for his life after his friend Federico García Lorca was arrested and murdered by pro-Franco forces. It remains as if frozen in time, with his medications, books, combs, and other personal items still by the side of the bed. His piano, his desk, favorite chairs . . . they are all there, including gifts from friends Lorca and Picasso.

You may know de Falla’s music without recognizing his name, so here’s a beautifully animated performance of La Vida Breve. You will recognize it immediately.

You can get more information about the house from the Museum’s website at



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