In Lisbon: The Gulbenkian Museum


While we are in Lisbon, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum is worth a visit. One of the “less known jewels in Europe,” its permanent collection includes splendid work by western European artists from Ghirlandaio to the exquisite Portrait of Madame Claude Monet pictured above.

The Museum houses the (very) large personal collection of Calouste Gulbenkian, a Turkish-born oil magnate who sought “only the best” and ended up acquiring some 6,000 objects, among them a unique collection of Islamic glass and important pieces bought from the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad in the 1920s.

During our visit to Lisbon, the Museum is hosting two nicely-reviewed exhibits: Architecture, Islamic Heritage in Portugal and The Splendour of the City, The Route of the Tile (this one of great interest in a country “that regards the tile as one of its badges of identity).

You can explore the museum’s collection at


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