In Granada . . . instead of lunch: Shopping


If you want to explore a few of the shops in Granada, the best place to start is Plaza Nueva, with its myriad quick cafés and artisanal shops. With limited time before our tour of the Alhambra, I would recommend three stores, all within a two-minute walk from the Square:

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 12.53.19 AM


This family run shop specializes in exceptionally fine examples of marquetry, ranging from easy-to-pack boxes to larger pay-the-overweight-allowance chess sets and small side tables. The workmanship meets the finest standards and the prices are extremely reasonable, with small boxes starting around 5 Euros and side tables costing about 225 Euros.

I love their music boxes, all of which play, of course, Granada. If you don’t know the song, there is a video of Plácido Domingo singing the song at the bottom of this post. The song (ironically) was written by a Mexican composer, Agustín Lara. It will make you want to rush to the shop and get one of their charming music boxes.



This is a fabulous shop for Alhambra aficionados, with a tasteful selection of quality gifts including excellent coffee table–style tomes, children’s art books, hand-painted fans, arty stationery and stunning photographic prints which you select from a vast digital library.



This little shop carries beautiful Al-Yarrar ceramics, inexpensively gorgeous. Al-Yarrar makes completely handcrafted pieces that reproduce those made by the Al-Andalus craftsmen centuries ago. At Joaquín Costa 6.

Here is Plácido . . . enjoy!


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