In Ronda: The Bullring or Real Maestranza de Caballería


Even in you are not fond of bullfighting, the Royal School of Cavalry of Ronda (with its bullring and museums) is well worth a visit.

The bullring itself, built in 1785 by architect José Martín Aldehuela, is one of the oldest bullfight rings in Spain in the center of town and holds 5000 spectators.

The famed bullring in Ronda is also the head office for the Royal School of Cavalry, a foundation that runs a riding school, a library with some of the oldest books about RONDA and a collection of museums including one dedicated to the history of bullfighting, the Royal Harness Collection (harnesses, saddlery and livery), a collection of antique firearms (almost 300 pieces used by monarchs over the centuries) and a gallery.

It’s not hard to understand why the bullring itself is the focal point of most visits. Built in the 18th century, the arena is 66 metres in diameter surrounded by 136 neoclassical columns on two levels. These days it is only open as a tourist attraction, but twice a year it is resurrected during the Corrida Goyesca in September and again for an annual exhibition of carriages.

While these are the main reasons the Real Maestranza receives so many visitors, there are more important tasks at hand. The foundation organizes scholarships, prizes (such asEUSTORY – a history competition for young people) and a cultural programme made up of courses and concerts, an indication of the new, forward-looking vision being sculpted over the last few years

The Bullring (Plaza de Toros) is located at Calle Virgen de la Paz, 15.

Their website can be found here:


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