In Madrid: Golden Age Dramatist Lope de Vega’s House


The Casa-Museo de Lope de Vega, the home of Féliix Lope de Vega y Carpio, one of Spain’s foremost Golden Age playwrights, is now a museum.

The house is just uphill from the Paseo del Prado (and its Museum) and it’s a lovely atmospheric townhouse in which Lope de Vega lived and wrote for twenty-five years. The house, curiously, is on a street named after one of his contemporaries, Miguel de Cervantes.

It has been described as “a 17th-century gem with delightful gardens at the back,” with which I concur. it’s well worth the visit.

Lope de Vega bought the house in 1610. It was restored and now managed by the Real Academia Española, the institution responsible for the regulation of the Spanish language, which opened it to the public in 1935. The Academia owns three of Lope de Vega’s manuscripts on display at the museum.




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